About novohealth @ Embassy Manyata

Improve your fitness, build friendships, set and achieve personal goals through our running club!

Our Vision

Betterment of health status of the community through workplace and community-based lifestyle interventions

Our Mission

To enhance people's participation in their health journey and adopt an activity-based lifestyle by making the sport of running accessible and fun


As a country, India is home to 101 million people with diabetes and 135 million people with clinical obesity1 and to top it we are seeing an alarming rise in early-onset cases. While the prevalence of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) is across India, however, urbanization is driving the NCD epidemics. Increasing awareness about NCDs like diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease, fostering early detection, and promoting optimal outcomes require collaborative efforts across the ecosystem including public and private sector bodies, healthcare professionals, and communities. However, the issue extends beyond medical considerations and encompasses social factors including lifestyle management.

To this end in today’s scenario, the workplace plays an important role considering the number of hours spent on work by individuals. All over the world, workplace-related and community-based lifestyle interventions have shown a significant impact in managing the issue with clear outcomes. Thus emerged Novohealth @ Embassy Manyata Business Park - a partnership on health and wellness by Novo Nordisk Education Foundation and Embassy REIT to empower employees housed within Manyata Tech Park and the community to adopt an activity-based lifestyle and upgrade their health status.

Reference: 1. Anjana RM et al. ICMR-INDIAB-17. Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol. 2023 Jul;11(7):474-489

Join our weekly running club to improve your fitness, build friendships, and achieve personal goals!


Novo Nordisk Education Foundation (NNEF) is a non-profit organization established in 1997 by Novo Nordisk India - a major innovation-based pharmaceutical company to increase diabetes awareness and education. NNEF aims to provide comprehensive education and awareness on diabetes and other healthcare issues by bridging the knowledge gap. NNEF drives several projects including the Changing Diabetes® Barometer, Changing Diabetes® in Children programs, and World Diabetes Day awareness activities in partnership with state governments and other key stakeholders.


Embassy REIT is India’s first publicly listed Real Estate Investment Trust. Embassy REIT owns and operates a 45.4 msf portfolio of nine infrastructure-like office parks and four citycentre office buildings in India’s best-performing office markets of Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, and the National Capital Region (‘NCR’). Embassy REIT’s portfolio comprises 35.8 msf completed operating area and is home to over 240 of the world’s leading companies. The portfolio also comprises strategic amenities, including four operational business hotels, two under construction hotels, and a 100 MW solar park supplying renewable energy to tenants. Embassy REIT’s industry leading ESG program has received multiple accolades from renowned global institutions and was awarded a 5-star rating both from the British Safety Council and GRESB. Embassy REIT was also recognised as the world’s largest ‘USGBC LEED Platinum-Certified’ office portfolio (v4.1 O+M) by Green Business Certification Inc. For more information, please visit www.embassyofficeparks.com.

Our Events

Join the novohealth @ Embassy Manyata Run Club

Venue: Manyata Tech Park

5k Run Every Saturday Morning

Next 4 May 2024

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How we make a difference


Anchor the registrations, race information, training plans, gallery, timings etc. on a single portal

Pre Event

Branding, communication & activations to create awareness and garner maximum participation

Runner Experience

A lively, motivating, and safe environment to run unhindered.
Smooth running experience right from event day and exit, route and pre-post run engagements

Registration Benefits

Runners kit containing a high-quality jersey and a time-tracking solutions

Photos and Videos

All digital collateral collated and made available to runner on the website

Awards and Recognition

Medals, Certificates, and much more for our runners

6 rules to prioritize health at workplace

Physical Activity

Regular physical activity can help our employees improve physical fitness and counterbalance the negative effects of an inactive lifestyle. Moreover, physical activity provides social interaction and the opportunity to be involved in the community.

Healthy Eating

Healthy eating, regular meals during the day, and proper hydration are all important in maintaining stable energy levels throughout the day and in supporting our employees’ daily activity levels and goals

Mental Health

Positive mental health enables people’s ability to realize their full potential, cope with the normal stressors of life and work productively and fruitfully. ​​​​​​​Therefore, we support and enable employees to live a balanced life and maintain or develop positive mental health by offering information and opportunities to apply various individual and social coping techniques.

Health Checks

Regular health checks motivate our employees to gain insight into their own health and to act upon it. ​​​​​​ 

Quit Smoking

By avoiding smoking one can considerably improve their health and prevent chronic diseases. ​​​​​​​Moreover, it may increase life expectancy.

Weight Management

We believe that reaching and maintaining a healthy weight is important for overall health and can help you prevent lifestyle and chronic diseases. Moreover, we believe that a healthy environment makes it easier (and more sustainable) to manage your weight.

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Manyata Tech Park

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